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台湾人如何监督食品安全 用抗议APP_和记APP首页

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本文摘要:in a sign of The political mood in Taiwan,The top free application in apple ' s app store there for much of last week wasn ' t a mobile game or a socii.这是台湾政治氛围的象征。

in a sign of The political mood in Taiwan,The top free application in apple ' s app store there for much of last week wasn ' t a mobile game or a socii.这是台湾政治氛围的象征。named bing dela-after a Taiwanese phrase associated with overturning a table in rage-the software allows users to check whether food or dride用户可以使用它来确认食物或饮料产品是否与新的国际相关联。该企业集团去年与食用油相关的食品安全丑闻愈演愈烈。though the app first appeared last year,Downloads spiked during the past week after a court in Taiwan ruled that the chairman of ting hsin was not got该应用程序的开发者林良宇(Sky Lin)已经被ITunes响应了26万次,很多ITunes在过去两周经常出现。

“people couldn ' t find a place to vent their anger,and that ' s where our product came in to play a role,”saidmr.lin,Who added thatthe power of social media as an implement of political expression is well known . but Mr . Lin ' s product shows how apps can be specifically Olve more coore社交媒体作为政治沟通工具的力量众所周知。但是林老师的产品表明,适用于可以专门设计来解决问题抗议的更简单的问题。在这种情况下,人们通常敦促掩盖新产品,但事实证明这是非常困难的。

因为该集团享有多家分公司,向其他企业销售食用油,用于生产其他品牌的产品。the ability to tackle more complex problems gives people the ability to do more in situations where regulators or governments do not do their jobs effe“there are structural issues creating these types of food safety problems in Taiwan . it ' s a deeper issue with Taiwanese law and government isolamentwe have seen it happen again and again,“he said。




Mr . Lin said he expected more of this type of protest to come to the fore in Taiwan as activists gain stronger programming abilities . he and his Who noror林老师预计,随着活动人士编程能力的加强,台湾不会排放更好的抗议软件。他和球队的本职是经营台湾酒吧导游。他们主要通过重复使用以前的代码的方式,在两周内开发了这个抗议。

The most labor-intensive part,according to mr.lin,Was researching the products linked to ting hsin and photographing them to assemble a group林老师说,整个项目中人力市场需求最大的部分是研究哪些产品与新的集团相关联,然后拍照,输出到怀疑产品的图形数据库。朋友们热情地为球队获得了不同的照片和研究结果。With the app now doing well,a new question facing Mr . Lin is whether to fundit。这个应用程序现在很好地展现出来,但林老师面临着如何确保资金的新问题。

“the second day after it happened,I was contacted by an advertising agent,And they argued that we ' ll need advertising if we want long-the他说。offers for sponsorships have also come in,but Mr. Lin said those,too,were problematic,Because large sums from different organg也有不愿意确保资金的赞助响应。但是林老师指出这样做也不会有问题。因为来自其他组织或公司的巨额资金最终会产生影响,对应用的公平性构成严重威胁。

Mr . Lin is still trying to figure out what to do with bing dela。some have suggested that his team should add other brands that have had past issus But he said that for now he was still trying to figure out how to round und林老师还在考虑“冰的未来”。有人指出,他的团队还需要加上过去有丑闻的其他品牌,但他回答说,他仍然在考虑筹资方式。“we have received a lot of encouragement,some of which actually were quite touching . it gave me the motivation to do more . my wife said That’s我妻子说。





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